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please run faster


My dreams…
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My dreams…

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Adolf Hirémy-Hirschl (Hungarian, 1860-1933)

  • Souls on the Banks of the Acheron, 1898
     (details and full painting)

Hermes guides the souls who have just descended to the underworld. He is their last light. The souls desperately reach for him, fearful of the eternal darkness.

The souls of the children are peaceful and unafraid.

Carl Jung considered Hermes the divine messenger, communicating between the light of the everyday world and the darkness of the unconscious: dreams, madness, and death.

"The dissatisfied shades crowd around Hermes as he strides among them and implore him to relax his step, to stay the march of doom. But Hermes walks on regardless, with the calm inexorableness of a god, walks on and past the craving throng." - Helen Zimmern, The Art Journal, 1900

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In victory, you deserve Champagne, in defeat, you need it.
Napoleon Bonaparte (via petersbourgeoises)

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1964 Chi Chi Social Club | Palm Springs, CA - Via
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1964 Chi Chi Social Club | Palm Springs, CA - Via

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(via beautiful chris brown in NEW editorial for harper’s bazaar men’s style china. photos by yossi michaeli (via ford models blog))

: A Google Maps search for the title of Chris Brown’s new editorial in Harper’s Bazaar Men’s Style China yields a recently built residential building bordering Brooklyn’s McCarren Park. It comes as no surprise then that the majority of the shoot, photographed by Yossi Michaeli and styled by Wei Yang, takes place in the surrounding area. With a bit of scruff and disheveled sophistication, Chris perfectly captures the charmed life of New York’s hippest borough. Style Direction by Vincent Young

click the pics twice to see them Chris Brown UP CLOSE!

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Minus the girl. Me.
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Minus the girl. Me.

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Cat’s reaction to earthquake
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Cat’s reaction to earthquake

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